Tanjore Dancing Dolls

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Tanjore Dancing Dolls or popularly referred to as Thanjavur Thalaiaatti Bommai in Tamil is a part of history that provides a connection to the kingdom of Thanjavur. These dolls are known for their unique swaying movements and shaking heads that can enchant any onlooker.
They are made with cooked dough of paper mache, tapioca flour and plaster of Paris. The doll has four parts that are balanced on one another through a delicate yet sturdy metal wire. The doll highlights that it is just not pretty on the outside but also employs the science of pendulum behind it. It requires great finesse and expertise to create a piece of art that has the power to transform the aesthetics of any place. It would definitely bring out the child in each one of us as it moves in the slight breeze of wind.