Merry Christmas!

Thanjavur Dancing Dolls

Brighten a dull day with their headshake!

Our Custom Alpha Dolls

Minion with Heart

Statutory warning: Owning these dolls may lead to elevated levels of happiness

A cute set of boys playing the instruments

Frame Dolls

Ideal gift for couples

Frame Dolls

Ideal gift for couples

Purple Jug

Fill the Jug. Fill your Hearts.

We love mish mash, criss cross & pot pourri!!! PurpleJug is an attempt to bridge the gap between traditional and modern art. How could there be ancient art or nouveau art? It is just Art!!!

Jugs are ancient, Purple is a new color that pops out from the spectrum and Yes we are PurpleJug where old meets new!

Have you seen a PurpleJug? Most probably not! It is a work in progress!

Dolls and More!

Tanjore Doll

Paper mache

Rs. 699

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Frame Doll


Rs. 599

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Heart Minion


Rs. 333

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Who are we?

We are a bunch of designers, art lovers who want to take Indian traditional arts to the global arena. We are in the process of resurrecting certain arts and making consumers understand the uniqueness of Indian art. Traditional art in a new avatar makes us look at our customs in an entirely different perspective.

Why should you buy?

PurpleJug is a platform for artisans to show their creativity and bring their skills to light. The people behind those beautiful creations require encouragement and support. A modern outlook and new designs will be in effect reflected in their art. This also helps you in owning products that are unique and available only in limited numbers.

Corporate Orders

We also provide options for corporate gifting along with specialized packing. Corporate gifts for clients from foreign countries definitely need to stand out from the rest. It is a representation of India to the rest of world and PurpleJug will help in creating a unique identity. The pieces would stay testament to the great times they spent in India and a reminder of the sweet memories. We have provided dolls for corporate gifting and we must say it has been exciting listening to how their clients loved it. Please contact us for further details to amaze your clients. We will pay you a visit!